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CS Assessing Nairobi Expressway damages

Nairobi Expressway damage assessment

Spent the afternoon assessing the damage caused on sections of the Nairobi Expressway during Wednesday's Azimio La Umoja demonstrations.
As Government, we strongly condemn these acts of hooliganism, vandalism and lawlessness. We are exploring legal options that will ensure the perpetrators of these crimes and the organisers of yesterday's Maandamano are held responsible through legal prosecution and footing the costs of repair.
I assured investors in the transport and infrastructure sector of Government’s commitment to enhance security around their investments to safeguard them from vandalism and theft.
I later visited the Kenya Railways Pipeline Station which was also vandalised during yesterday's Azimio demonstrations.
The Government respects the letter and spirit of Article 37 of the Constitution which gives every person the right, peaceably and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket, and to present petitions to public authorities. However, we shall not allow merchants of violence to abuse these Rights and venture into a destruction spree and economic sabotage.
We are committed to protecting both private and public establishments, investments, and projects from theft, vandalism and destruction.
I urge the Director of Criminal Investigations, through the Office of Inspector General, to fasttrack  investigations into the incidents of yesterday and ensure all those found culpable are held to account