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Londiani Road crash

Londiani Road Traffic Crash

Yesterday, a trailer Registration No. RAC 164W/RL 2379 registered in Rwanda was involved in a tragic road traffic crash at Londiani Junction leaving 52 people dead and 32 people injured.
Unfortunately, all the victims were trading on the roadside market and the others boarding vehicles at the roadside car park.
I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to families, friends and relatives of those who lost their lives and wish a quick recovery to those recuperating in various hospitals.
This morning I visited the site and gave the following directives;
1. All markets along the road reserve should be relocated. County Governments in partnership with the national government through the intergovernmental framework should construct markets off the Highways even as KeNHA constructs access roads to the markets.
2. In the meantime, the Ministry through the relevant agencies will revise speed limits in the area and provide bumps and signage.
3. The National Safety and Transport Authority (NTSA) to include the dangerous section as one of the spots to install speed detection cameras, especially in the upcoming pilot phase, to support the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations.
4. The re-testing of PSV and commercial service vehicle drivers to continue as a way of assessing their competency before the renewal of driving licences.
5. The Ministry in consultation with various stakeholders to finalise the development of the NTSA Operation of Commercial Service Vehicles Regulations.
6. The Ministry to hold consultative meetings with the East Africa Community (EAC) to guide on the harmonisation of motor vehicle inspection in the region.
7. County Transport Safety Committees in all 47 counties to immediately embark on road safety education and awareness programmes for traders, pedestrians, school children and bodaboda operators.
8. The National Police Service, with the support of NTSA to intensify anti-drunk driving operations across the country.
9. Meanwhile EPRA to investigate the sale of adulterated fuel sold to unsuspecting motorists.
I call upon all motorists to be careful on the roads for their safety and that of other road users.
Hon. Kipchumba Murkomen, EGH