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CS Kipchumba-Murkomen

Joint Presser on Road Safety Held at Harambee House

As the holiday season begins, motorists will be travelling to various destinations to celebrate the festivities with their families and friends. It is imperative for all road users to observe traffic rules and reduce road carnage which has in the past been rampant during this season.

From the analysis of past reports, a high number of road carnage results from avoidable human factors including driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, dangerous overtaking, fatigue, and ignoring traffic lights and signs among others.

An analysis by NTSA shows a 3.83% increase in road carnage from January to 15th December this year, with fatalities standing at 4,449 compared to 4,285 during the same period last year.

Of this, 1595 were pedestrians, 1,190 were motorcyclists, 403 were drivers, 793 were passengers, 411 were motorcycle passengers and 57 were pedal cyclists.

The Government has stepped up efforts to reduce this by adopting a multi-pronged strategy that entails public awareness and enforcement. We are working with citizens to promote personal responsibility by encouraging passengers in both private and public vehicles to speak out against reckless driving and other habits that endanger the lives of Kenyans.

Download full speech here.