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State Department for Transport

State Department for Transport
  • Transport Policy Management;
  • Rail Transport and Infrastructure Management;
  • Fast Tracking Identified Northern and LAPPSET Transport Corridor Projects;
  • Oversight and Co-ordination of Northern Corridor Transport and Lamu South Sudan Ethiopia Transit (LAPSSET) Programmes Implementation;
  • Civil Aviation Management and Training;
  • Registration and Insurance of Motor Vehicles;
  • Motor Vehicles Inspection;
  • National Transport Safety;
  • National Road Safety Management;
  • National Roads Transport Policy;
  • Axle Load Control Policy and Standards;
  • Development and Maintenance of Air Strips; and
  • Oversee the establishment of an integrated, efficient, effective and sustainable Urban Public Transport system within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area.
  • Kenya Railways Corporation (Kenya Railways Corporation Act, Cap. 397)
  • Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Co-ordination (NCTTCA) 
  • LAPSSET Development Authority (State Corporations Act, Cap. 446, Gazette Notice-2013)
  • Kenya Airports Authority (Kenya Airports Authority Act, Cap. 395)
  • Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (Civil Aviation Act, No. 21 of 2013)
  • East African School of Aviation (Civil Aviation Act, No. 21 of 2013)
  • Kenya Ports Authority (Kenya Ports Authority Act, Cap. 391)
  • National Transport and Safety Authority (The National Transport and Safety Authority Act, No. 33 of 2012)
  • The Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (The Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority Order, 2016)
  • The Railway City Development Authority
  • Railway Training Institute

Air TransportThe department issues approvals for scheduled flights, develops and formulates policies and regulations which govern operations in the air transport industry including negotiation for relevant MoU's, BASA and International Conventions in the aviation industry. The department also facilitates rehabilitation and maintenance of airstrips and airport expansion and modernization;

Air Accident TransportAircraft Accident Investigation is a state function, obligated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Convention to which Kenya is a signatory. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Department (AAID) is Kenya's national aircraft accident investigation agency. The department investigates aircraft accidents and incidents in accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention.

Mission: To promote aviation safety through professional conduct of autonomous and impartial air safety investigations.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Department of Kenya (AAID) is responsible for the investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents in Kenya involving both local and foreign aircraft. The AAID also participates in overseas investigations of accidents and serious incidents involving Kenyan aircraft, operator or citizens.

Purpose of investigations: The ultimate aim is to focus AAID’s resources on those investigations considered most likely to enhance public confidence and safety in air transportation.

  • Active investigations

This displays the ongoing investigations.

  • Safety recommendations

Safety recommendations are issued by the AAID following a safety investigation into an aircraft occurrence in order to address a specific issue identified during investigation or research and specify how to correct the situation to avoid or minimize recurrence.

  • Safety Advisory Notice

Contact Us Report an accident or incident:

Aviation, accident and incident notifications and enquiries

Telephone :

+254 020 2729200 (24 hours) :

+254 722 778 773 :

+254 770 111 333

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Investigation Documents

Shipping and MaritimeThe department is charged with formulation of maritime transport and shipping policies coordinating and monitoring of ports development and facilities improvement, ratification of International Maritime conventions and maritime related agreements. The department exercises oversight responsibility over Kenya Ports Authority.

Road & RailThe Road division is responsible for policy and regulations development on the road transport operations in the country. It provides oversight responsibility over NTSA.
The division is responsible for facilitating provision of efficient rail transportation services through policy and regulation development; oversight role on service delivery in railway sub-sector; coordinate railway planning and investment programmes; and implementation of LAPSSET (Railway and Lamu port components).

Kenya enacted the Climate Change Act in 2016 to provide a regulatory framework for enhanced response to climate change, to provide for mechanism and measures to achieve low carbon climate development. The Act requires all the state agencies to establish climate change units to implement climate change duties highlighted in the Act. Through this law, Kenya joined the league of other nations who have taken measures to domesticate the Paris Agreement. As a signatory to the Paris Agreement, Kenya communicates its climate change targets through the Nationally Determined Contribution.

Our vision: To be a leader in emission reduction and climate change adaptation while providing transport infrastructure services for sustainable social economic development.

Our mission:  To mainstream climate change mitigation and adaptation in transport functions.