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South Sudan Delegation

The Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport Hon Kipchumba Murkomen hosted a delegation from South Sudan led by their Minister for Roads and Bridges, Hon. Simon Mijok Mijak.

The meeting focused on resolving the longstanding issues related to the development of the 350km Nadapal-Juba road.

The Cabinet Secretary committed to signing a Memorandum of understanding that will separate border issues from connectivity, paving the way for the construction of the road.

The upgrading of the road to Bitumen standards will boost socio-economic development in Kenya and South Sudan.

Its benefits will include enhancing seamless direct trade between the two nations, reducing travel time for traders, creating job opportunities, and building peaceful coexistence between the people of the two countries.

South Sudan is a crucial partner for Kenya on trade and diplomacy. It is the second largest user of the Port of Mombasa after Uganda, moving about 3 million metric tonnes of cargo annually.

Upon completion, the Nadabal-Juba road will eventually be connected to that from Juba to Douala in Cameroon through the Central African Republic, effectively linking East Africa to West Africa as part of the trans-African Highway.

Hon Murkomen thanked the Northern Corridor Transist and Transport Coordination Authority for facilitating discussions between Kenya and South Sudan to enhance connectivity between the two nations