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Roads Division


Roads Division

The Roads Division carries out Monitoring and Evaluation of all ongoing road works project undertaken by the Road Authorities. The Division is also responsible for reviewing and updating manuals, standards and specifications to be in line with changing road construction technology in the road sector and is therefore the custodian of manuals and standard specification for roads and bridges. The Division avails them for use in the development of road infrastructure under the purview of Road Authorities and Agencies as well as County Governments. 

The Division coordinates programmes implemented by the Road Authorities/Agencies and it is mandated to assess and respond to potential disasters occasioned by incremental weather, environmental degradation and climate change. It procures and stocks bailey bridges, corrugated steel culverts, gabions boxes, gabion mattresses and an assortment of other roads furniture for emergency supplies. 

Graphic for vision and mission

Strategic objectives of Roads Division

The Strategic objectives of Roads Division are:

a) To issue regulatory standards and specifications in roads development and maintenance; and reviewing them periodically.

b) To provide a systematic and standard process of maintaining the road network database and monitoring the progress and evaluating road works.

c) To provide oversight over the implementation of the Roads Sector Investment Plan.

d) Recommend to the Cabinet Secretary areas of policy review in relation to Road network development and maintenance.

e) Coordination of the Roads Authorities and Agencies

f) The Division acts as the coordination center of all Roads subsector programmes and projects that are vested through legal framework to body corporate that include; KeNHA, KURA, KeRRA, KRB, and KWS.

The Division is headed by the Chief Engineer Roads.

The mandate is:

i) The administration of the Division and the delegated authority to incur expenditure.

ii) Advisor to the Government through the Principal Secretary on all matters related to Road Policy that includes roads development and maintenance standards.

iii) Planning and budgeting for all programs, projects and activities under the Division which include

a) Capacity Building in the road subsector.

b) Monitoring of Programs and Projects financed through exchequer allocations and Development Partner’s assistance.

c) Projects Procurement reviews related to detailed design and tender documentation to advice on value.

iv) Coordinating the preparation of the Road Sector Investment Programme in liaison with Kenya Roads Board (KRB)

v) Co-ordination of the Sector Agencies.

vi) Inter-ministerial liaison on behalf of the Principal Secretary