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Recognition for Exemplary Performance - Handover Certificate by the Directorate of National Cohesion and Values

The State Department for Roads has been awarded a certificate of exemplary performance by the Directorate of National Cohesion and Values in recognition of its exemplary performance in compliance with the 2022/2023  performance contracting guidelines on the national values and principles of governance indicator.
Presenting the award to the Principal Secretary for Roads Eng Joseph Mbugua today, the Secretary, National Cohesion and Values Mr. Joseph Musili lauded the State Department for Roads and its Agencies for exemplary performance in mainstreaming national values and  upholding national cohesion while executing its mandate of ensuring seamless connectivity in the road infrastructure sector in the entire country.
He said that the State Department of Roads was ranked first alongside the Ministry of Health and the State Department for Water and Sanitation.
He said that the award scheme was started two years ago to recognize institutions that have performed exemplary well in mainstreaming national Values and cohesion in the execution of their mandates.
In the 10th annual report,  2022-2023, on measures taken in the realization national values and principles of governance, the State Department for Roads had a total of 21 mentions in fulfilment of  national cohesion and Values. 
Receiving the award, the Principal Secretary,  Eng. Joseph Mbugua expressed his gratitude to the Directorate for the recognition, saying they had worked tirelessly as a team to ensure that they uphold values and cohesion through ensuring that the entire country was seamlessly connected.
He said that this was a great encouragement to the staff and added that they would be accorded the necessary support and requisite resources to ensure that they continue maintaining their exemplary performance.
The PS promised that his team and all the Agencies under his purview would work closely with the Directorate to ensure that they maintain and even improve their exemplary performance.
Present was Mr. Tiony Keter, from the Directorate of National Cohesion and Values, and the Director Generals of KeNHA Eng. Kung'u Ndung'u, KURA Eng. Silas Kinoti and Engineers Board of Kenya Eng. Margaret Ogai.