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Ministry of Roads and Transport Hosts Stakeholders’ Validation Workshop for Draft Strategic Plan 2023-2027

The Ministry of Roads and Transport conducted a Stakeholders’ Validation workshop for its Draft Strategic plan 2023-2027 earlier today, at KICC in Nairobi.
The workshop brought together key stakeholders, including Government Ministries and Agencies, Engineers Board of Kenya, Public Transport Sector Welfare Associations representatives among others.

In his speech, read by Transport Secretary, Dr. Duncan Hunda, Principal Secretary for Transport, Mr. Mohamed Daghar, emphasized the importance of collaboration in order to achieve a forward-thinking roadmap aligned with national development goals, promotes inclusive growth and efficient movement of people and goods.

In his speech, Eng. Joseph Mbugua, Principal Secretary for Roads outlined the Ministry’s achievements under the previous Strategic Plan 2018-2022 including the tarmacking of 7,530 Kilometres of roads. He also affirmed that the Ministry remains steadfast in its mission to build a robust and sustainable integrated transportation infrastructure that catalyzes socio-economic growth and enhances societal well-being.

During the intensive session, participants were taken through the situational analysis and strategic objectives of the Strategic Plan as well as the five-year action plan of programmes and projects the Ministry intends to implement.

Through a series of focused deliberations and interactive sessions, attendees provided valuable insights, feedback, and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed initiatives.

The strategic plan, is designed to address pressing challenges and leveraging technological advancements and opportunities within the transportation sector. It encompasses a comprehensive framework of infrastructure development, policy and regulatory formulation and review, transport sector safety mechanisms and sustainable resource mobilization strategies.

Stakeholders emphasized the need for continued collaboration, transparency, and
accountability in its implementation, with a shared commitment to advancing the nation's
mobility agenda and enhancing the quality of life for all citizens.

The Ministry pledged to incorporate the valuable feedback received during the workshop into the final Strategic Plan, ensuring that it reflects the diverse perspectives and priorities of stakeholders from across the transportation sector.