Mandatory - Aviation accident or incident notification

Civil Aviation regulations require operators to notify the AAID immediately of aircraft accidents and certain incidents.

Contact the AAID on the following numbers on a 24 hour period:

Aviation, accident and incident notifications and enquiries
Telephone :
+254 020 2729200 (24 hours) :
+254 722 778 773 :
+254 770 111 333

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When giving a notification, provide the following information;
1. Type, nationality, and registration marks of the aircraft;
2. Name of owner, and operator of the aircraft;
3. Name of the pilot-in-command;
4. Date and time of the accident;
5. Last point of departure and point of intended landing of the aircraft;
6. Position of the aircraft with reference to some easily defined geographical point;
7. Number of persons aboard, number killed, and number seriously injured;
8. Nature of the accident, the weather and the extent of damage to the aircraft, so far as is known;
9. A description of any explosives, radioactive materials, or other dangerous articles carried.

Voluntary - Aviation Confidential Reporting
This is a voluntary and confidential reporting scheme.

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