What is KENCAIR Programme?
The Kenya Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting (KENCAIR) programme is a voluntary, non-punitive confidential incident reporting system established by the AAID. It provides a channel for the reporting of aviation incidents and safety deficiencies while protecting the reporter's identity.
The key objective of KENCAIR is to enhance aviation safety through the collection of feedback on incidents that would otherwise not be reported through other channels, or that may appear minor but may be useful for others to learn from the reporter's experience and may even lead to changes in procedures or design. But it does not eliminate the need for mandatory reporting of aircraft accidents and incidents to the relevant authorities under the existing law.

What does the KENCAIR Programme cover?
The SINCAIR Programme covers the following areas:

  1. Flight Operations:
    1. Departure/en route/approach landing
    2. Aircraft cabin operations
    3. Air proximity events
    4. Weight and balance and Performance
  2. Ground Operations:
    1. Aircraft ground operations
    2. Movement on the airport
    3. Fuelling operations
    4. Airport conditions or services
    5. Cargo loading
  3. Air Traffic Management:
    1. ATC operations
    2. ATC equipment and navigation aids
    3. Crew and ATC communications
  4. Maintenance:
    1. Aircraft maintenance
    2. Record keeping
  5. Miscellaneous:
    1. Passenger handling operations related to safety

What should NOT be reported?

  • Accidents, serious incidents or criminal activities (such reports should be made to the appropriate authorities)
  • Incidents or events with no aviation safety content
  • Personal problems, personality conflicts and industrial relation issues
  • Legal/commercial disputes

Who can make a KENCAIR report?
Any of the following groups can report on actual or potential hazards and deficiencies in aviation operations.

  • Flight and cabin crew members
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Licensed aircraft engineers
  • Employees of maintenance, design and manufacturing organizations
  • Airport operators
  • Airport employees and
  • Individuals involved in general aviation

How to make a KENCAIR report
Complete the KENCAIR FORM and mail it to the KENCAIR Programme Manager through infoaai@transport.go.ke

ministry of envrironment, water & natural resources